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“When I’m competing in golf tournaments throughout the year, a round of golf can take almost five hours.  That’s a lot of time to be burning energy.  I needed something that would replenish my body with the protein I needed for sustained performance and concentration.  I quickly discovered that TRADE UP was that solution.  Without the sugars of other protein powders, I’ve been able to sustain my performance during a long round on the course without the peaks and valleys that come with other brands.”

Keith Bennet, PGA Professional

"With such a busy schedule it’s hard for me to find the time to make myself a nutritious meal and that’s why I love Enlighten and Trade Up! The green up is an amazing way for me to get veggies I know I am missing from my diet. The multivitamins allow me to get all the Vitamins I need in one small pack, and the Advance Max helps my muscles to recover after a full day of dancing, it also tastes amazing!"

Amanda Sadis, LA Clippers Dancer

“I truly believe in the power of real food, and that’s why I love these ProFunction supplements. They’re made with high-quality produce and natural elements, they’re free of nasty chemicals and additives, and because of that they are really effective. I feel good about taking them to suplement my whole-food diet. They are great when I’m lagging on energy, recovering from a tough workout, and when I just can’t make a full meal happen.”

Deanna Mutzel, creator of Real Food Lab

“I LOVE this ENLIGHTEN Complete Detox Shake ProFunction! It’s important for me to maximize my nutrition as efficiently as possible so I have more time for workouts, competition, and travel. ProFunction helps me meet my goals and the shakes really taste great, too.”

Markie Williams, NPC Bikini Athlete

“ProFunction gives me the nutrition I need when I don’t have the time to take care of myself. I’m a runner, a single mom, and a business owner...I can’t make every meal from scratch. With ProFunction, I can get proteins, greens, and vitamins and I know it’s the best quality I can get in a supplement.”

Emily C., Jacksonville, FL

As a nutrition + healthy lifestyle coach and the real-food-recipe-blogger of So Fresh N So Green, one of the core principles I teach clients (and practice myself) is eating REAL food (i.e. not fake, processed, or junk food marketed as health food that do more harm than good to our bodies. 

I'm also a firm believer you can eat delicious, nutritious, real food without it taking tons of time or costing a fortune, which is where ProFunction's Trade Up Protein Power comes in. It's an easy and simple way to get a boost of protein in smoothies and shakes, and unlike a lot of formulas on the market doesn't contain a bunch of weird ingredients or additives. I especially love using the vanilla flavor in my Chocolate Chip Mint Smoothie -- so good!

Lauren Chambers, Nutrition + Healthy Lifestyle Coach of So Fresh N So Green

Truly enjoying my Pro Function Supplement line. Feeling grounded yet energized at the same time!

Datza Tamane, Owner Datza Studio, Seattle WA