ProGlow’s founder
Dr. Pauline Haugen DC

here with her twin sister, nutrition expert
Dr. Deanna Mutzel (left)


As a physician and athlete, Dr. Haugen’s background makes her uniquely focused on concrete physiological needs and results.

The concept of treating the underlying cause of the injury versus simply diagnosing the symptoms inspired Dr Haugen to become a chiropractor. She began her wellness journey as a competitive figure skater in Canada, then later became an NCAA Division 1 track athlete. As a young runner, she lacked understanding and failed to fuel her body properly, resulting in injuries and pain. She learned the hard way, and began educating herself on the benefits of nutrition and the power of food as a healing tool.

Dr. Haugen realized that even a healthy diet doesn’t typically cover all the bases in an individual’s complex set of challenges. Initially researching nutritional supplementation for herself, Pauline realized that this unique product mix and real-food style was not readily available on the market. ProGlow & Profunction were created to meet that need; a user friendly, back-to-basics, unintimidating line of nutritional supplements for real people who want to improve their performance and overall wellness.

Whether you’re running the rat race or you’re a serious athletic competitor, our supplements and a real-food nutrition plan can help you maintain your body for your very best wellness.

In every decade of life, we have different nutritional needs and challenges. In our 20s, it’s joint support while we’re enjoying an active lifestyle; in our 30s we’re battling stress and missing meals. In our 40s, we we struggle with hormone balance and weight management. In our 50s and 60s we’re losing bone density, energy, and and flexibility. ProFunction was built to Fuel Your Potential at any age.
Amanda Sadis Professional Dancer

With such a busy schedule it’s hard for me to find the time to make myself a nutritious meal and that’s why I love ProFunction's Strength and Superfood! The Superfood is an amazing way for me to get veggies I know I am missing from my diet. Strength helps my muscles to recover after a full day of dancing, it also tastes amazing!

Keith Bennet PGA Professional

When I’m competing in golf tournaments throughout the year, a round of golf can take almost five hours.  That’s a lot of time to be burning energy.  I needed something that would replenish my body with the protein I needed for sustained performance and concentration.  I quickly discovered that ProFunction's Boost was that solution.

Jane So Ambassador & Fitness Coach

I love that I get both a mega-boost of collagen AND all the protein I need for my morning with Strong + Youthful. It makes prepping for my AM workout sessions so easy, and I know my skin and hair love it too! 

Marcelle Carllile ProGlow Ambassador & Yogi

I love how Calm & Fit makes me feel! Great sleep at night, soothes belly bloat and tastes amazing. It's exactly the product I never knew I needed, now I can't live without it!