Meet the ProGlow Squad!

Dr. Pauline Haugen

Founded by a #Boss

The OG Girl Boss, ProGlow founder Pauline Haugen knows the power of a strong female. Her wellness journey began as an athlete, starting as a competitive figure skater and transitioning into a NCAA Division 1 track athlete. This active lifestyle early in life inspired her to learn the benefits of nutrition and the power of food as a healing tool.

Fast forward to today, Dr. Pauline Haugen is now a practicing chiropractor, certified basi pilates instructor and founder of ProGlow Protein. She uses her knowledge of food and nutrition to help ladies in all stages of life get their glow on.

Meet Our Kick-Butt Girl Gang

The ProGlow line is formulated to help real women be their best selves. That’s why Dr. Haugen formed a squad of motivated women who have experienced the ProGlow benefits to help spread the good news. Today, we are celebrating them. Check out the inspirational women that make up our #Squad.



Instagram: @acloudaloudyoga

Glow-Getter (n): A driven busy girl boss who strives to attain her goals in life while attaining a glow inside and out.

That’s how we would describe this hustling momma, yogi and therapist extraordinaire. Claudia takes on life with her tight-knit pack, which includes her husband, their new daughter and a few pups too.

When she’s not spending time with loved ones, she spreads the mental and physical benefits of yoga through teaching classes around the community. Even as she adjusts her yoga practice around motherhood, you’ll still find Claudia teaching classes at Lulu Lemon.

Additionally, Claudia’s notoriety as a therapist has landed her appearances both on screen and in print. It’s clear she prioritizes wellness not only in the body, but also in her mind and spirit.




Instagram: @balancemefit

Raised in a small town off the West coast of South Africa, Marcelle’s childhood had a limited world view but a strong emphasis on the value of life, love, friendship and faith. After high school, she was bitten by the travel bug and made plans to travel the world. In her travels, she met new people, tasted new foods and drank the finest cocktails. As she fulfilled her wanderlust, she realized her metabolism began to slow down. Marcelle’s gut reaction was to quickly create an unhealthy relationship with the gym and try out fad dieting.

Through inconsistent results and general unhappiness, Marcelle realized these unhealthy habits weren’t sustainable. This inspired her to pursue a balanced life, full of healthy choices and happiness. She began to eat wholesome food, do workouts she enjoyed and listen to her body when she needed a rest day. Not only did she reach her fitness milestones, but she also discovered a way to live life healthy, fit and happy without giving up food and fun! Today, she owns Balance Me Fit and develops training programs to spread the joy of fitness.


Dr. Deanna

Instagram: @dr.deannamuscle

As the founder of Real Food Lab, Dr. Deanna spreads the power of whole food and genuine nutrition every day.  She started Real Food Lab to celebrate the way real food can make us feel focused, energized and balanced.

Featuring beautiful low-carb and nutrient dense recipes, she has been making amazing meals and snacks using the cleanest food available for years. Her cookbooks- like Strong, Lean, and Seasonal- spread the joy of clean food that still tastes delicious.

In her practice, she educates patients about their health and nutrition using a whole food approach. She specializes in weight loss, pregnancy, and athletic performance.

She and her twin sister, Dr. Pauline Haugen, teamed up to create e-book “What the F#@K to Eat.” This book breaks down the best ways to supercharge your metabolism and build lean muscle at any age.



 Instagram: @janesofreshlife

Since she was four years old, Jane has been an active golfer. Rooted in a precision sport, she learned the importance of consistency and determination. Recently, Jane began incorporating strength training into her fitness regime. When she discovered building lean muscle brought on a whole new wave of confidence, she realized it felt sexy to be strong.

Jane loves to educate others on the importance of feeling beautiful inside and out. Living a healthy lifestyle brings her clarity and focus, helping her create joy and spread it to others.

By day, she is the owner of @beautyexpertjane. As a traveling make-up artist and hair stylist, she helps women glow up for every special event.



Instagram: @alyciagal 

Alycia’s wellness journey began hand-in-hand with motherhood. After having children, she quickly realized how important it is for her to take care of both her family and herself. When she began prioritizing her physical and mental health, she immediately noticed the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She fully believes the path to wellness involves fueling your body properly, along with working out.

Alycia uses ProGlow’s Youthful, Flawless and Calm & Fit as part of her daily routine.




While Chantelle’s fitness journey has recently begun, she has been modeling since the early age of four. Between photo shoots, she is a Personal Stylist at Intermix in Bellevue. As an avid gym-goer who works out every day, her boyfriend introduced her to the world of fitness. Together, they eat clean, cook healthy meals and strength train. Chantelle feels the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and is excited to continue her fitness journey!



Instagram: @andinguyen08 

Andi has always lived an active lifestyle. Growing up in the water, she did water polo and swimming in high school. While she loved to be on the move, she didn’t always reap the benefits of balanced nutrition until she discovered her love for the outdoors. Between hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing and more, Andi realized the strength she was capable of and wanted to fuel her body properly. When she’s not on an outdoor adventure, she stays active with Lagree Method, strength training, and yoga.

Coupled with dedicating time to coach a Special Olympics swim team, Andi’s main hustle is fitness coaching and training. She enjoys every moment of her active lifestyle and thrives off of sharing wellness with others.



Instagram: @oxana_vw 

Oxana began her career in the fashion industry, where years of experience taught her the importance of exercise and nutrition for both your body and your mind. After this realization, she began to explore a career in fitness, starting her journey as a yoga teacher. Shortly after, she discovered the world of pilates and barre. Combining Pilates, yoga and barre with healthy nutrition has helped her stay feeling great through two pregnancies and motherhood.

Currently, Oxana balances motherhood, entrepreneurship, and an active lifestyle. She owns Carefree Boat Club in Seattle with her husband and still happily teaches Pilates classes at a local studio. Being a mom and a business owner (with a side hustle!) keeps her busy all day. Her healthy lifestyle is essential to overcome daily challenges and keep her energy level up!

For Oxana, the most rewarding part about fitness is the opportunity to teach Pilates and spread the happiness of a healthy lifestyle!



Instagram: @rachaelchen16 

Boss lady, adventure-seeker, Corgi lover. Rachael has it all. As the owner of The Pursuit Studio, Rachael spends her days teaching Lagree fitness to the Kirkland & Bellevue area. Lagree fitness focuses on slow, controlled movements paired with fast transitions to build endurance and achieve a long, lean physique. Rachael loves introducing Lagree fitness to a bigger crowd and is well ingrained in the community. When she’s not hustling to and from the studio, you can probably find her hanging with her beloved Corgi, Peanut.



Instagram: @chagnew

Owner of Bellevue Lifestyle Magazine, a magazine that celebrates Northwest luxury. She has a passion for helping her community flourish, using her publication as a platform to spread the word about local events and businesses. 



Instagram: @markiewilliams

A two-time Natural Bikini Pro and five-time NQ NPC Bikini Athlete, Markie is no stranger to the world of fitness. When she first stepped on to the bodybuilding scene, she didn’t know anyone else in the industry. From day one, she learned to motivate herself to push forward.

For that first year and a half, she did all her own research, prep and training without a coach. During that time, she qualified nationally for the NPC and earned her first two Pro Bikini titles. In 2017, she hired a coach for the first time and went on to qualify for NPC Nationals three more times.  

Markie’s motivation is to inspire anyone who has faced challenges in life to keep moving forward. As a survivor of domestic violence and human trafficking, Markie uses her platform on social media to spread awareness and inspiration.



 Instagram: @shell423

A mother of two daughters, (twelve and thirteen years old,) Shelly is no stranger to the energy levels parenthood requires. She loves working out to keep a healthy mind, body and spirit. Along with getting active, her favorite stress-relief activity is baking sugar cookies to give away to friends and family! She has the pleasure of working with ProGlow founder Dr. Pauline Haugen every Tuesday at WeWork Learning, and she also works part-time at a boutique in Redmond. Her favorite ProGlow Protein product is hands-down CALM & FIT. It helps keep her digestive system healthy and promotes a good nights rest!




Former NFL cheerleader and fitness fanatic, Brittany loves using ProGlow Protein supplements in her day-to-day routine.


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