Sleep Easy and Banish Bloat with a Calm & Fit Cocktail

Calm & Fit Magnesium Cocktail

Your New Nightly Wine Alternative

Looking to max your relax after a long day? A glass of wine might sound tempting, but alcohol before bed isn't ideal for your body. While a glass of vino may help you doze off faster, it actually leads to more arousals throughout the night and a less deep sleep overall. Time to re-think your nightly nightcap! 

Create a night-time cocktail with ProGlow Protein's Calm & Fit Magnesium supplement. One glass of this magic magnesium mix helps balance hormones, banish belly bloat, decrease anxiety and promote a solid night's slumber. The icing on the cake? This sweet cherry flavor paired with fresh fruit makes for a combination so delicious, you'll gladly sip your way to sweet dreams.

Calm & Fit Cocktail



  1. Stir scoops of CALM & FIT into 8 oz of water.
  2. Add lime slices.
  3. Shake and pour over ice. Garnish with mint.


Get creative with the recipe! If lime and mint aren't your style, feel free to incorporate fresh berries or citrus for an all-new tropical feel. 


Wine alternative magnesium supplement

ProGlow Protein Calm & Fit

Don't wait to try this magical recipe! Purchase our magnesium supplement today and start sipping your way to a flat tummy and great night's sleep.


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