5 Best Vitamins to Take While Traveling

Vitamins for travelling

Traveling for the Holidays? Pack This. 

The stress of travel can have a big impact on your body, especially when it is combined with a change of weather temperatures and an influx of germs in busy public spaces like airports. Prep ahead with these vital 5 vitamins to take every day to prevent illness. 


Magnesium vitamin for travellingMax your relax with Calm & Fit. Say adios to cravings that range from food addictions to nicotine while taking the edge off. Calm & Fit is formulated to soothe your soul and allow you to keep your cool. Formulated to reduce belly bloat while promoting a good night's sleep, this is your new wine alternative (aka BFF).  


Vitamin D

Vitamin D for travellingGive your immune system a boost with Vitamin D. Even if you are planning on getting sun during your winter break, the amount of Vitamin D you can absorb without getting a sunburn (especially with fair wintery skin!) can be minimal. Try it in liquid form for a clean, fast absorption formula that will keep you all smiles. 



Probiotics for travellingTraveling can take a toll on the tummy, especially if you are enjoying new foods or even changing time zones. Take a daily probiotic to keep your body healthy and happy. Nothing can derail a vacay like an unhappy belly.



Healthy Fuel On-The-Go

Protein for Traveling Made with North American grown peas, this vegan formulated protein blend contains an amino acid profile that delivers the same results as whey protein minus the dairy. Free from GMOs and soy, vStrong gives healthy, lean muscles the protein they need to carry you from yoga class to the beach.


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