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ProFunction is our line of high-quality food-based supplements suitable for men and women. ProFunction is focused on delivering the best essential nutrition for your active lifestyle.

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Amanda Sadis Professional Dancer

With such a busy schedule it’s hard for me to find the time to make myself a nutritious meal and that’s why I love ProFunction's Strength and Superfood! The Superfood is an amazing way for me to get veggies I know I am missing from my diet. Strength helps my muscles to recover after a full day of dancing, it also tastes amazing!

Deanna Mutzel Real Food Lab

I truly believe in the power of real food, and that’s why I love these ProGlow supplements. They’re made with high-quality produce and natural elements, they’re free of nasty chemicals and additives, and because of that they are really effective. I feel good about taking them to supplement my whole-food diet. They are great when I’m lagging on energy, recovering from a tough workout, and when I just can’t make a full meal happen.

Lauren Chambers So Fresh So Green

I'm a firm believer you can eat delicious, nutritious, real food without it taking tons of time or costing a fortune, which is where ProGlow's Strong+Youthful comes in. It's an easy and simple way to get a boost of protein and collagen in smoothies and shakes, and unlike a lot of formulas on the market doesn't contain a bunch of weird ingredients or additives. I especially love using the vanilla flavor in my Chocolate Chip Mint Smoothie -- so good!

Without the sugars of other protein powders, I’ve been able to sustain my performance during a long round on the course without the peaks and valleys that come with other brands.